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Established in 2012, AgrExplore commits to explore, resource, and deliver quality products to its turf market specialty, household and public health market, and the agricultural crop protection market. In the process of aligning with the vision to bring solution to every local market and community’s increasing requirement for environmental stewardship, practical and economical achievability and healthful social relations, we started expanding to Animal Health and Organic markets. We promote distribution and wholesale of inputs marketed as professional’s choice in these fields.   The company recognizes the importance of continual growth and innovation, process, as well as the knowledge and support from a network of partnership in order to meet local and global agricultural standards. Through incessant will to learn about and deliver to the market, AgrExplore has built strategic affiliations with a number of international manufacturers outstanding in their own markets.

Presently, we hold the lone representation of the supply and registration of generic and proprietary brands of chemicals, parts, equipments, and more products in its pipeline. It also has formed a full support team led by its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr. Arnold R. Dueñas who has gained invaluable knowledge and expertise in sales and marketing through the years in the golf industry. It is participated by competitive individuals in the fields of technical, local product registration, product stewardship, quality control, sales and marketing.

We are continually diversifying into a variety of trading business products and services, and we are committed to uphold our Core Values as an organization – EXCELLENCE, PROCESS, SERVICE.

The product has been tested effective after several evaluations. It is fragrant and easy to apply. It works best with the misting machine. Truly cost effective. Plus, the AgrExplore team has been very easy to work with

Argentina Roma, RN- Infection Conrtol Nurse - St. Elizabeth Hospital Inc