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We offer a range of quality golf course products to craft a suitable and nourishing environment for turf. We commit to put solutions forward and deliver best results to our valued customers.

  • Halosulfuron methyl 75%
  • Quinclorac 75%
  • Trifloxysulfuron-sodium 75%
  • Metribuzin 75%
  • Azoxystrobin 50%
  • Thiopanate-methyl 70%
  • Chlorothalonil 75%
Turf Growth Regulator
  • Trinexapac-ethyl
Water Quality
Turf Colorant
Spreader Sticker
  • Alkyl aryl polyglycol ether
Soil Wetting Agent
  • Methyl (Propylhydroxide, Ethoxylated) bis(Trimethylsiloxy) silane

AgrExplore is given the lone distribution by JRM Inc., USA of the following:

  • Bedknives for TORO, JACOBSEN and JOHNDEERE Greens mowers
  • Bedknives for TORO, JACOBSEN and JOHNDEERE Fairway mowers
  • Rotary blades
  • Conventional tines for greens and fairway aerators
  • Cutting blades
Clients may choose, based on their current equipment and course requirement, from a variety of products depending on:
  1. The thickness of bedknives per equipment and field requirements
  2. The mounting of tines on the different equipment
  3. The length requirement of tines
  4. Ejection either side or top for fairway or greens aerators
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The growing demand for quality organic products is an opportunity not only for business but more importantly for the national advocacy for a healthier future. Organic certification programs are being administered to support this and to develop and implement the standards in production, handling, labeling, etc. of organic products both locally and internationally. AgrExplore has undertaken a complete training conducted by the Organic Certification Center of the Philippines (OCCP) on the organic agriculture principles, processing, and policies. At present, the company is outlining its current status and potential role to contribute to this field in the country.

It is now identifying opportunities for growth, development, and market for exploits to its implementation.

Bait Station

A backpack sprayer that can be used as battery operated but interchangeable from electric to manual-use once battery is low.

Packaging: 16 Liter size

Product Features
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Simple installation
  • Easy to use
Soil Injector
Dust Powder Puffer

A professional tool for the application of powder –formulated insecticides.

Product Features
  • point precision dust delivery
  • ability to deliver fine granular baits
  • Easy to use

How to Use:
Fill the vial with powder-formulated chemical termiticide. Once the vial is filled, direct the tip of sprayer to the desired area and squeeze the bulb to facilitate the release of chemical.


PERSONAL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT (PPE) are protective clothing or equipments that protect an applicator’s head, ears, face, feet and ability to breathe when using/ applying the chemicals or pesticides.